Aerial Level I

Aerial Level I classes are designed to introduce you into the multi-dimensional approach of aerial fitness, strengthen your upper body and core, increase your flexibility, and prepare you for Aerial Level II. You will learn beginner aerial tricks, aerial terminology, and connect with the proper muscles necessary for further aerial training. 

Aerial Level II

Aerial Level II classes involve more advanced level choreography, as you will start learning more inversions and more complex aerial techniques.

Aerial Level III

Aerial Level III classes combine classical rope climbing techniques with beautiful silken ropes and precision acrobatic elements. In this form of exercise you will be using your own body's strength and be without the help of the hammock.

Restorative Aerial

This is a gentle aerial class where poses are held for longer periods so students can get the full effect of being suspended in the hammocks, allowing for deeper elongation and decompression of the spine. This is a meditative and restorative type class so be prepared to relax and ease your mind and body. Into to Aerial (Aerial Level I) must be taken prior to taking this class.